Friday, April 25, 2014

New Blog Who Care's ?

Hahahahahaiii. okay sepanjang aku jadi blogger, aku ni memang jenis yang 'silent'. Memang tak peramah pun. but, ada la jugak comment kat entry yang menjadi pilihan & menarik hati. hehe. korang kan memang pandai buat orang tertarik! hahaha. aku pun ada terfikir, blogger yang terbaik adalah dari cara penulisan dia, isi blog dan kecantikan blog nya. kadang-kadang jelouse jugak dekat blogger2 yang terkenal macam kak syira, emas putih, tengkubutang, dan lain-lain.

Blogger yang menarik orang membaca entry nya of course la blogger yang pandai mengarang. confirm kat sekolah karangan dapat A +++ kan. hahaha. kalau macam aku ni dapat A - pun payah. itu la salah satu contoh yang jelas. Tengok la blog aku. Dengan K-POP nya yang tak habis-habis. TerOVERDOSE punya pasal la ni. Lagipun, empunya blog ni suka berangan & tersengih sorang-sorang. eh eh.. sapa je yang nak baca entry lapuk aku ni kan --'

Nampak tak bezanya? conclusion yang aku dapat buat, tak kisah la blog awak baru atau lama, jika cara penulisan anda bagus, memang ramai la pembaca setia awak! Jangan jadi macam saya, suka perasan sorang diri. 

Next topic : GIVEAWAY

Sekarang ni aku lebih banyak menyertai giveaway2 ni. Kebanyakkan entry aku ni mesti ada GA. Memang aku ni jenis yang malas nak cerita pasal kisah hidup aku. cerita pun yang patut-patut je. eh?? Apapun, join GIVEAWAY sangat menguntungkan! boleh dapat hadiah banyak-banyak. Tapi haruslah bersikap jujur, follow apa yang penganjur suruh. Takut hadiah tak berkat :)

Kawan alam maya. belum ada lagi antara blogger rapat hubungan silaturrahimnya dengan aku. huhu aku tahu aku sombong. maaf yaa ; _ ; salah aku jugak tak selalu blogwalking kat blog korang. seriusly, memang time sekolah busy sangat2. Belajar kene 2 -3 kali baru masuk. haih susahnya nak catch up. Apapun, inshaAllah cuti sekolah nanti kita terjah blog korang!

 That's all from me. Till then, Assalamualaikum.
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Monday, April 14, 2014


Hey guys. today as unsually.. I write this entry in english. This is not the first time I wrote. Anyway, let's learning more bou't english. The topic is... What is " IDIOM " ?

Okay. I'm just copy and share this to you all's. Hope this knowledge is benefit and worth to you :)

  1. The suffering Adam went through in life was actually a blessing in disguise,for it has taught him to be prudent and thrifty with his finances. 
  2. Many obese Malaysians are actually couch potatoes.They just like to sit and eat on a couch all day long watching movies without moving an inch.
  3. Students who like to drag their feet will not be able to finish their school project on time.
  4. Students need to widen their horizons in order to face the challenges of globalisation.
  5. People who like to be mules for drug traffickers must learn to face the music if caught by the authorities.
  6. Sam has a gut feeling that something bad is going to happen today.
  7. Parents need to have a heart to heart talk with their teenage children often.This will help them to  understand the emotional turmoil their teenage children are going through better.
  8. Reading helps a person to be knowledgeable about his surroundings and not be in the dark.
  9. Parents need to keep an eye on their children's after school activities.
  10. We packed our things and headed to the remote village in Manjala. The journey was quite challenging and dangerous but we managed to steer clear of danger and reached the village safe and sound.

  1. My father and mother are always at loggerheads, they never once agreed on anything, always pointing fingers at one another over silly matters.
  2. Sandy was on cloud nine as she got through her SPM examination with flying colours.
  3. After waiting for six long years, Pat and Mandy finally tied the knot. Their parents gave them an out of this world wedding reception as a wedding gift.
  4. Henry is quite wrapped up with his construction work. He just can't afford to take a break or put up his feet even for a second.
  5. Miranda has put on weight after giving birth to her baby girl. She plans to work out more to shed the extra pounds.
  6. Starting from 2013, every student must pass their History paper. Students are worried that they might not be able to sail through it because History is all Greek to them. 
  7. The old house opposite my house has a ghostly presence, it gives me goose bumps just looking at it.
  8. The bank was robbed in broad daylight.The police are not leaving any stones unturned,they are working out a game plan to catch the mastermind.
  9. People around the world must have an attitude of give and take in order to enjoy continuous peace.Insensitive words or religious undertones will only create ripples which can turn into a vicious cycle of unnecessary violence.
  10. The two opposing political parties are hoping for a landslide victory this coming election. Working committes from both parties have rolled up their sleeves for some serious campaining.
Woah! to understand all the sentences one by one is difficult isn't it? so, I throught, I have to understand before spm . and I should use this in my essay oftenly to get add mark. ahahaha. till then, wish me luck for spm yeah:) 

Let's follow ENGLISH to know more bout english!