Friday, March 18, 2016

Ost Descendants Of The Sun

Mad Clown



You're my everything

This love

Talk love

Seriously all these songs ost Descendants Of The Sun is daebak! It makes me feeling so hard than ever before hahahaha that influence getting to me oh my. I'll make short synopsis of this drama and feedback about it. Currently my favourite drama 2016 !

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Beautiful portrait of 3KAA

Form 1

Form 1 looks so childish x)

Form 2

Form 3

In early form 3. waktu lawatan.

Form3. waktu raya.

The end year form 3. We're gathering at Syamimi's house.

Lelaki punya gambar cuma ada yang ni je. time raya.

Us in three years

Extra Form 4 and I hope there'll be more years we could count on it! :)

These pictures help me to flashback our memories in 3 years.

All I can do is throwback :') 

I had missed all of you.

See how we can compare us in old time and now. Oh I glad I could see the differences us and so me hahaha.

Okay goodbye.

I hope this is not a sad farewell