Friday, May 25, 2018

How to realize when puberty hits on yourself?


How to realize when puberty hits on yourself?

Sometimes, you don't need people's view about yourself because you'll find the truely side of you that maybe they have keep it inside from you. Maybe you don't realizing this, but I can tell you that you're worthy person that human needed in this world.

  • When you think you're pretty brain, soul and beauty.
Your minded set is the biggest things to get deal with. I know its hard to think that you're pretty as you see everyone is just beautiful and had puberty on themselves. now look at yourself. As for me [I'm sweet potato] and I think its so fine. Please don't compare yourself with others because I do believe, her/his life isn't the same way as you and you need to be thankful of what you have. I give you an example ; Maybe she's smart damn hot plus pretty but she doesn't really have time with her parents. all her life spend on wealthy things but she doesn't genuinely happy. so got my message. Yeah Pls

  • When you start to think wisely before take an action.
This is so important to have a brain before make a decision. Most of people tend to take decision when they're having mix feeling especially girls (this is true). Their feelings are just choas and they don't usually fine. I realized it still hard for me to be smart in everything I do. For example ; I yelled to people I love when I was not fine and moody. Then, I started to feel sorry to them :( I worry if they hurt because of me. Just please, control your emotion and don't let feelings control ur mind. 

  • When you don't mind how everyone hates about you because you know they don't worthy in your life.
Yes she's so tired to care.

  • When you care about your family and trusted friend the most.
Sometimes you just need them to advice you. You need to believe their words because every single words are deeply true. You need to let them in your life and don't hate them :( cuz in the end you will stay by their side when you have nobody. Please appreciate good people who wants to see ur happiness all along together. Who wants to see you success in future. 

  • When you've set your major plan in future and get ready to start your career.
I still blank to think this part of me. whats i'm going to be in future. As for now, I just follow the flow and asked Allah what's the best for me. Seriously, this is the hardest decision I ever made to decide what choice I would make. I'm scared for sure, but I'll never give up on the thing that I started. but hopefully, my plan to open the bakery and lecturer/a teacher will come true. Aamiiin

  • When you realize that all you had insecure for were stupid.

  • When you try harder in way to get success. I mean extraordinary study finally hits on you.
I'm so lazy to study on time like I always procrastinate in everything i do but then i managed to settle it in a very last minute (homework especially). How weird I am. But really, after I enter to University I should throw that lazy away.

  • When you realize the only one you need to care and focus more is yourself.

  • When you miss someone but you only keep it in your heart and pray.
This is so true. If you like someone, pray for him. If you miss them you should pray. No matter how far the distance is, du'a will always make it closer and link to that person.

  • When you're grateful being you.

  • When you believe someone right will belong to you

The key for this is patience. You're only 18 years old, there is a very long journey that awaiting for you out there. As for now, chase your dream, embrace your life, theres so much things to be done. Believe me, when the time is right it'll come.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

He's the one

When you know that he is the one, keep him.
but then, never force him to be in love with you.
You might be a good friend to him.
Yes keep that distance between both of you.
Not quite as a lover but as a real friend like bff.

You don't need to be in relationship with him in order to know him
Just simply be friend,
If he has other special girls then let him be,
remember he's not even yours.
you don't have rights to bother his life.

You're there.
you want to interfere his life,
but maybe it's just a sign of a friend,
when the time is right it'll come,
don't rush things dearself.

You're just finally hit 18 y/o,
Theres so much more to discover,
embrace your life in other things too,
let's have a bright future,
I count on you, my future life.

Both of you have same interest,
Sharing it to each other,
doesn't mean we're meant to be,
but maybe we are,
as a friend.

Distance really means nothing,
if both of you work on it,
don't be sad dearself,
you'll find new path and discover new things,
till then, have a faith ya :)

I wish myself all the best.
I wish in 5 years me will have a clear thought and pure conscience

you're not so hopeless and pathetic being yourself.
Please bare this in mind.