Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What I've got this year


At first, I thought when I'm in form 4 everything is going to be fine, relax from study time because I have no huge exam. Can u get me that I'm super tiring when I was in form 3 where we have face PT3 and all those kbat questions that seriously make my head all pop out. I'm feel grateful that I actually in science stream class because my PT3 result is not that good. and theres some people say that you don't deserve to stay at this class if you get C or D for science and math subject. meanwhile there you supposely go - that is my pure result C for those subjects but I'm still be taken to enter to this class?? 

At the beginning of a year, there were new teachers who giving mukadimah in entering science stream class. How we supposely study killer physics, chemistry, addmath subjects... We need to be extra work hard to be in this class. That time I was super noob knowing nothing about a lesson we're going through for a whole year. and I actually in dilemma if I could study those hard subjects as many people said that it is so tough to score A compared to non science class. That actually the differences between science student and non science student. Study hard now and it will be easy to get a job with big salary.. You know what? my ambition is to be a lecturer and that is my target since I was form 1. Then, I found out that this class has an option which we should choose between biology | account. Guess which I choose?

It's account. and why would I choose accounting besides biology meanwhile all my friends in our table take biology except me. So here pro and contra I've make which is important in future ;

  • account isn't suck to compare to biology
  • It still a hard subject but learning a new knowledge is a great thing ! and I love study new things so much <3
  • I have never thought to be a doctor guys please I afaird of those needles, medicine and how weird smell of hospital. most important is I can't even see vein and blood because I could barely trembling and cry for no reason. It do happens in my life! Well easy to say that I'm fobia. Biology is not my real career.
  • I hate reading facts so much. Theres a lot of weird words to remember and I could not even remembering one. For example ; names of sels [sitoplasma, ribosome, vokuol.. blablabla] and what the funtions of it? nah I don't want to know

  • It takes time for me to learn new subject so I got 60% for my first account paper.
  • There are alien things I don't even know in my life. For example ; we need to write contra on akaun penghutang/pemiutang kalau dia contra dengan akaun induk. I'm still blur in that part.
  • learning account does not mean I want to be accountant but still I'll use this knowledge to open my own bakery someday. aaminn :)
  • At first I'm so fed up that everytime theres account period, our teacher would give us homework. A lot until I have no much time to settle every homework of it. but now I realised that my teacher actually wants me to understand more about those chapters and make revision so that I'll be easy to do account. Thank you very much, Pn Sarimah :D

The confession ; I started to realise that I'll be SPM candidate by the end of the year. And seeing to my result seriously make me heart attack because MasyaAllah it looks horrible. how would I supposedly change myself. I need to be honest that this year I am a lazy person on earth. I don't really study damn hard because of work kiosk, making assignment kiosk and blablabla. I should go to tuition actually but my mother let me do my own decision because I looked tired all the time I went home. hmm it's my own fault that I could not make my timetable for studying.. and now that was happen to me. got sucks in examination. don't really understand subjects. skipped to school just to do kiosk stuff. get scold by teacher because not entering to class often. so by now on I'll change myself to a better human. I want to get success and make my parents beyond happy with my achievement! Do pray for me in SPM 2017. Aaminn

Sunday, October 30, 2016

There you go ; Not-SO-Fabulous-Entry



Exam is over and rn waiting for my result is really a tortune for me. I don't know if I can get top 100 because final exam is kinda hard :( Those who get top 100 will get title champion when they're form 5. They'll go to trip and studying out of the school. I mean, outside from places where we usually study. how great is that be?!!


MasyaAllah missing this blog so much but I don't have idea to type duh. ok lek nak tukar bahasa lak. lepas exam ni takde mende nak buat kat sek weh. ko tau tak aku mereput kat sek sebab plan nak baca novel yg aku pinjam dari kawan but how sad dia tak bawak. Then end up main batu seremban, talking to ppl dan termenung tengok result yg menyedihkan. hahahahahah. tapi kalini I find my friends ikut jejak langkah aku baca novel. macam fazira, hidayah, ilya! seriously meja kitaorg geng dak ulat buku. well done guys! Happy dapat share stories from novel huhuhu. that's all for this entry.

My current favourite drama ; our times. oh I wish I met a bad guy who treat her so well.


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Happy Birthday Althea! #AltheaTurns1

Happy Birthday Althea! 

This time, I would like to shout out loud to you guys that today is celebration birthday of althea. Do come visit this beauty online I'm definitely fall in love with korean products as they used to help my skin become better. I give you some products that I usually used on my teenager age.

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Yeah that's it! I'm a simple skincare user because my skin is fine, not having a pimples or acne. but at the same time, I'm not easily use all products that contain a lot of chemical because it might breakout my face. So I need to be careful in choosing a good one products that suitable my skin condition. Besides that, I personally think that althea is the cheaper selling korean beauty products than other website. You can purhase RM150 and no need to add postage because it is free. Only if you purchase RM150 and above. I believe, you have many favourite things to buy from althea without worrying the cost almost of the time because I got 6 products and checkout for RM160! lol no kidding

My althea parcel is on it's way to come to my house. It takes in about 10 to 15 days to receive it. Yeah of course I'm super excited to recieve my babies!! Just need some days and patient to wait. Then, I'll show you guys my favourite products!!

Last but not least, here something special form althea for you guys!!

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Daehan Minguk Giveaway By Siti Yang Menaip

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Monday, July 4, 2016



Esok ramadhan yang terakhir. mesti ramai ni dah packing barang, balik kampung, masak ketupat palas, lemang, lontong berlaukkan rendang masyaAllah. sedapnya :) memang bahagia setiap kali tibanya raya. Weh tak sabarnya nak jumpa sedara mara aku yang jauh dimata, dekat dihati acewah. dalam masa yang sama kena get ready jawapan di dada apabila disoal oleh sedara. Hekeleh

Jadi, kena mengena tajuk Persaingan dengan raya? Semestinya! hahahahah.

  • Persaingan siapa paling pandai dalam keluarga
Contohnya bila ko ada sedara yang sebaya. Asal balik kampung mukadimah makcik pakcik 
" dah besar budak ni, tahun ni PT3 kan?" 
Jawapan cliche gua " Alhamdullilah makcik, pakcik ku sayang  setiap tahun saya membesar. ya saya amik PT3 tahun ni" 
"Oh sama dengan anak pakcik la ni". 


balik raya tahun depan jumpa waktu raya lagi (ohohoho). Jumpa anaknya la ni tetiba pakcik ku tersayang datang menerjah tanya "dah form 4 kan kamu ni? PT3 tahun lepas cane?" 
Me be like ; dia ingat la pulak... //nangis dalam hati// " Alhamdullilah pakcik, okey. asal dapat masuk aliran sains syukur"
"Wah bagus anak ni, tapi berapa?"
Aku dalam hati ; nak tau jugak la pulak. "hehe 6A"

Apa kesudahan cerita sadis aku?
Dia ada 2 expectation. kalau sama dengan sedara ko punya result , lega. dah boleh waklek wakpic. tapi nanti tanya SPM pulak la en. //tabah//

Kalau tak sama la en--- sama ada dia lagi tinggi takpun ko lagi tinggi, semestinya makcik pakcik akan compare takpun bagi ayat sentap hah ni hati kena kental. hahahah chill je la.

  • Persaingan siapa paling sopan , cantik , pandai masak
Korang akan faham kalau korang seorang perempuan. hahahahah tapi jujur aku kata, aku tak kisah kot compare pasal ni sebab dah tadah telinga awal-awal. pastu sedara pun geng sama so yeah!! Kita bila balik kampung jadi akak taiko acacah lah tu pun bila ada sedara sekepala. Kalau tak tu sila sabar //nangis dalam hati je la//. Benda paling aku bahagia bila sedara aku pun sama minat K-drama, kpop thingy tu semua, cerita pasal kpop, band paling kitaorang minat. Ko boleh rasa SOULMATE nya ko dengan sedara. hahah k. so senang ah nak gossip. Tapi ko akan rasa terpinggir bila ko sorang minat 1D contohnya. fangirling sorang2 la nak. macam tak biasa lol

Bila jumpa soulmate

"Bts ada buat comeback"

  • Persaingan siapa disukai ramai oleh budak-budak
Since aku memang suka layan kerenah budak-budak, aku senang je nak main dengan diaorang. Aku memang selalu jugak lah balik kampung walaupun bukan hari raya sebab dekat je kampung Sabak Bernam dari meru (tempat aku tinggal). sedara aku jauh la jugak so tak dapat kunjung ke kampung selalu. bila dia balik, asal semua budak-budak jakun ni nak main dengan dia //redha// hahahahah. Yelah bukan selalu dia balik kan. tapi budak2 ni menyakai betul asal aku nak lepak , gossip dengan sedara boleh pulak diaorang mengganggu. haih sedih betul kan? 

Itu saja persaingan yang ada dalam keluarga besar aku hehe. Entry ni kita cerita chill je. jangan terasa hati ke apa okey! Nak ucap selamat hari raya kepada bloggers di alam maya hehe. kita kosong kosong je eh?

ila liqa'

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ramadhan/Syawal Giveaway by Nadia Reza

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Raya Giveaway : Jualan Raya Meletop 2016


Tahukan korang ada buat jualan gempak? so antara banyak-banyak produk, 5 wishlist aku ialah..
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all the best kepada blogger yang sertai!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Trip to Putrajaya


Last Wednesday, my friends and I had a blast trip to Putrajaya. We went there at 10 a.m. so hot that dayzzz. memang sesuai main explorace weh

Sebelum bertolak. amik gambar depan bas rare tak?

Sesampai je kat sana ada abang akak yang handle kitaorg. Pergi taman warisan je kenal bunga then ada quiz so there are groups who fought to win it. but how sad group aku tak menang. AWAT TEAM DAUN MENANG I CAN'T MOVE ON. //cry// by the way, nama group aku gempak ah jugak "oryza sativa means padi in brazil. tu padi lah weh xD well, nama tu sempena negara mana yang tanam dulu so diaorg lah cipta nama tu. Mostly from brazil kkk

 Lepas aktiviti selesai, so here we are! Dekat dengan taman warisan, makan la weh. Ada muffins, apple, sandwich, mineral water. full diet package ahahahah. makan sikit because nak simpan perut supaya isi dengan makanan sedap kat Amanda Mall. ehehehe.

 Rest & eat time. sebelum bertolak ke Amanda Mall lepak dulu meh. 

 Lepas zohor, tunggu masa bertolak weheee! Anyway, that day was Iman's birthday. so happy belated gurlz

 Amik gambar dengan cikgu-cikgu =)

Last but not least, our team photo. Slayyyy 

Where's Amanda Mall? sorry babe takde gambar doh sebab syok sangat jalan-jalan masuk kedai then end up beli KFC then buat picnic dekat luar. best sangat!! so maybe this is best trip 2016? Yeahoo


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Iniblogke Preloved Novel Giveaway

Siapa suka baca novel dan penggemar novel fixi, mat lufti mai join!


Giveaway Fridge Magnet Lombok By

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

16 Birthday Wishes



The date when I'm started looking at this world. See new things and now, I'm glad I'm still alive on my 16 year-old-teenager.

Thank you to my best friends for the wishes.. :) I'm so touched as I have read the long message which is so meaningful. Aww I hope our friendship until you guys have married, having a kid, and until your hair become grey. :') Why this 16 belated is kinda sad 'syahdu senanya' hahahaha Am I getting matured? hmm, I don't even know.

Aku rasa biasa je tak wish dengan cake ( tak minat cake , minat korean food lol ) yeah tengah craving jajamyeon, kimbap and korean spicy ramen! dah rasa ramen tu memang pedas gila. Jadi akak bahang sat. buktinya, bibir aku merah, hidung berhingus (haha!) , mata tetiba berair. Nampak tak impak makan ramen korea! Jangan memain do nak try. make sure sediakan air, something sweets kepada yang tak tahan pedas macam aku tapi masih tak serik serik nak makan. hahahaha well I am pro.

But this cake look attractive! lol nevermind

I thought I am weirdo these days. Mungkin sedang mengalami fasa 'tua' hmm sis redha. Exam semalamnya dah habis so celebrate dengan maggi wakakaka. At first, aku bual dengan Fazira, nadia 'esok habis exam, makan maggi jom' pastu fazira pun 'ok cun. Aku beli maggi kita makan balik tu' haa bermulanya operasi makan maggi kat sekolah hahahahaha. kitaorang ( mas, nadia, fazira ) stay kat sekolah sebab tolong cikgu Zaharah buat kerja kan. Lepas zohor dah start buat kerja. Time cikgu takde kat kantin serius asyik gelak je! benda simple boleh jadi lawak duh bila dengan kawan rapat hahahah. Pelik je diaorg --' but still bersyukur dapat kawan gila-gila happening ni. rindu gak kekadang tak jumpa sebab tak sekelas (mas, nadia - 4sn1) (aku, fazira-4sn2). 

So 16 birthday wishes should be ;
1. Good vibes
2. Be happy for no reason
3. Spend great time with family and friends
4. go to korea
5. Eat favourite food
6. Master writing korean (hangul)
7. Be honest to confess
8. Become mature
9. Need more books someone pls?
10. Be grateful
11. fall in love with addmath
12. No fail this mid year
13. unexpect wish
14. meet bts
15. merchandise kpop
16. watch movie with bae's

That's all! Susah benor nak fikir so sis random je la.

오늘은 내 생일. 당신은 나에게 행복한 생일을 기원하는 마음을하지 않습니다?
sila translate kalau tak faham hehe

Saturday, April 30, 2016


Its been a long day,
Without you my friend,
And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again,
We have come along way, 
From where we begin, 
Oh I'll tell all about it when I see you again..

Graduation Day


Its been a year [2015], the graduation day of my mother. So ni ha nak throwback how was the day of celebrating :)

Sebelum photoshoot hagaga

Esoknya baru betul2 graduation day. Pagi seawal 8 a.m. dah ada kat scm amik gambar hahahahahah. kedai mana buka lagipun saja je singgah. sebab kalau semangat datang dewan awal-awal bukannya ada apa selain makanan dan kau duduk kat situ dengan bosannya. Yelah, event start lepas zohor kot.

alolo ibu so cute

Jadi tak surprise? Ni idea paling terbaik aku bagi dekat ayah supaya sweet sweet gitu hahahahah. cantik weh aku tangkap! *don't vomit please*

Pasangan bahagia :)

Protrait family. complete!

Doakan aku dapat pakai baju ni for real. Nak jadi lecturer berguna. Aamiin :)

Pengalaman aku masuk dewan ; best! aku rasa macam dah dewasa weh terharunya :') cuma, tu lah dia limit 2 ahli keluarga je dapat masuk dewan dan mesti 12 tahun ke atas. kesian kat adik. nasib baik sedara teman. tapi duduk luar dewan je la tengok kat skrin besar. tak syok sangat daripada dlm dewan. sejuk dan aman. hahahaha ok tu je benefit dia. 

Review makanan yang dijual dekat luar dewan ; Ya Allah sedap sangat! Sampai nak nangis. till now aku ingat lagi makanan mihun sup panas baru masak tu dia tuang, pastu sup tulang yang umph, lagi2 minum dengan coconut shake! sangat berbaloi. cuma yang susah sikit nak cari tempat makan. semua tempat dah full. so, kena tunggu satu family habis makan jenuh nak tunggu. so ibu dan ayah jagakan tempat dan aku, adik dan sedara cari makanan. so far makanan superb! tak menyesal. nak pergi lagi adalah!

How graduation day Inspired me ; aku jadi semangat nak belajar, sekurang-kurangnya ada lah azam nak dapat flying colours in examination. baru - baru ni, aku dapat anugerah pelajar cemerlang pt3 kat sekolah. Alhamdullilah bersyukur. ibu , ayah kedua-duanya datang. Terharu kali ke infinity sebab sanggup datang walaupun ayah kerja, ibu ada extra class kat sekolah.

Ada gambar mereka waktu hari kecemerlangan kat sekolah. cubalah cari hee

Apapun, ini kenangan yang paling sukar untuk aku lupakan! Tak sabar pulak nak pakai jubah. Harap ibu ayah sempat tengok aku berjaya. Itu je hadiah paling hebat yang boleh aku bagi hmm :')


Friday, March 18, 2016

Ost Descendants Of The Sun

Mad Clown



You're my everything

This love

Talk love

Seriously all these songs ost Descendants Of The Sun is daebak! It makes me feeling so hard than ever before hahahaha that influence getting to me oh my. I'll make short synopsis of this drama and feedback about it. Currently my favourite drama 2016 !

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Beautiful portrait of 3KAA

Form 1

Form 1 looks so childish x)

Form 2

Form 3

In early form 3. waktu lawatan.

Form3. waktu raya.

The end year form 3. We're gathering at Syamimi's house.

Lelaki punya gambar cuma ada yang ni je. time raya.

Us in three years

Extra Form 4 and I hope there'll be more years we could count on it! :)

These pictures help me to flashback our memories in 3 years.

All I can do is throwback :') 

I had missed all of you.

See how we can compare us in old time and now. Oh I glad I could see the differences us and so me hahaha.

Okay goodbye.

I hope this is not a sad farewell