Saturday, November 25, 2017

Last extra class ; GO CHEMISTRY

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Senior Year


Yep this is my first entry in 2017 meanwhile other people already post a bunch of entry.

So I break up my promise to not open this blog again, but honestly this holiday is so long guys [2 weeks] and playing around for awhile wouldn't affect my studies right? Meh I'm not a type of student who study real hard, please get me. But I do know how importance study for my future. Till then, I'll be taking SPM this year, how fast time flies. Its like I can't believe I'd been in highschool for almost 5 years!

Now it's my senior year.

I stick this entry right here as my memories in secondary school. It such a wonderful to be surrounded by good people in my life :)

Awal tahun dah ada gambar kelas okay gempak tak gempak. Yang ni sebenarnya gambar dengan cikgu practical kimia, ajar classmate science 2 kimia kejap. Tahun ni jugak tahun balik paling lambat sebab pukul 2.30p.m. baru habis kelas. Should be grateful but the matter is I'm terribly sleepy bila dah masuk waktu zohor. Perlu kuatkan diri untuk tidak terlelap (me as a typical student heh)

Unofficial portrait of 5sc2. Ha time ni lah buat benda paling pelik dalam dunia. Last min weh takde apa2 barang untuk candid gambar. Padahal kelas lain ada bawak belon lah, flower crown pe semua. so I just remember clearly that day, someone brought pasu bunga kelas bawak pergi dewan dan prob (act untuk lakonan bi) also me bagi mini whiteboard untuk menceriakan gambar candid kelas. And the funny part is guru kelas kitaorang which is ustazah Firdaus need to wear things yang acacah fairytale (tongkat pari-pari) waktu tangkap gambar. That is actually our prob for bi!! hahaha how weird our class xD dah la nak amik gambar makan masa 10 min untuk arrange kedudukan setiap orang fuhh memang gila lah time ni.

This is my tablemates. since belajar dalam abad 21 secara berkumpulan, So ini lah kawan study sesama, buat presentation sesama, berkongsi kasih sayang sesama (erk). I really hope all of us get success together. sebab nanti kan best dapat naik pentas ramai-ramai amik anugerah :D 

Tahuni banyak spend time join aktiviti dengan puteri islam. best sangat weh!

Nah it's just kawad kaki for sports day. but guess what? *scroll below*

We got number 3! Alhamdullilah it was unexpected because the truth is we only went practice for 3 days. Tu pun tak semua ada.

Tbh ni gambar last year dengan SMK Jugra. diaorang menang banyak anugerah protune. rasa happy gila lah sebab kitaorang sama2 kenal dari mula2 join protune lagi. It such a beautiful memories to be there with them :)

Last but not least, me in scientist/doctor uniform. Does it looks suit to me? I hope so but my real ambition is to be a lecturer and open my own bakery. Lagipun sis tak amik bio sebab fobia jadi doctor duduk kat hospital (bau tak berapa nak gemar) hahahah buat eksperimen yang bedah2 pun takleh hmm so kita tengok kawan yang amik bio bedah je :(


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What I've got this year


At first, I thought when I'm in form 4 everything is going to be fine, relax from study time because I have no huge exam. Can u get me that I'm super tiring when I was in form 3 where we have face PT3 and all those kbat questions that seriously make my head all pop out. I'm feel grateful that I actually in science stream class because my PT3 result is not that good. and theres some people say that you don't deserve to stay at this class if you get C or D for science and math subject. meanwhile there you supposely go - that is my pure result C for those subjects but I'm still be taken to enter to this class?? 

At the beginning of a year, there were new teachers who giving mukadimah in entering science stream class. How we supposely study killer physics, chemistry, addmath subjects... We need to be extra work hard to be in this class. That time I was super noob knowing nothing about a lesson we're going through for a whole year. and I actually in dilemma if I could study those hard subjects as many people said that it is so tough to score A compared to non science class. That actually the differences between science student and non science student. Study hard now and it will be easy to get a job with big salary.. You know what? my ambition is to be a lecturer and that is my target since I was form 1. Then, I found out that this class has an option which we should choose between biology | account. Guess which I choose?

It's account. and why would I choose accounting besides biology meanwhile all my friends in our table take biology except me. So here pro and contra I've make which is important in future ;

  • account isn't suck to compare to biology
  • It still a hard subject but learning a new knowledge is a great thing ! and I love study new things so much <3
  • I have never thought to be a doctor guys please I afaird of those needles, medicine and how weird smell of hospital. most important is I can't even see vein and blood because I could barely trembling and cry for no reason. It do happens in my life! Well easy to say that I'm fobia. Biology is not my real career.
  • I hate reading facts so much. Theres a lot of weird words to remember and I could not even remembering one. For example ; names of sels [sitoplasma, ribosome, vokuol.. blablabla] and what the funtions of it? nah I don't want to know

  • It takes time for me to learn new subject so I got 60% for my first account paper.
  • There are alien things I don't even know in my life. For example ; we need to write contra on akaun penghutang/pemiutang kalau dia contra dengan akaun induk. I'm still blur in that part.
  • learning account does not mean I want to be accountant but still I'll use this knowledge to open my own bakery someday. aaminn :)
  • At first I'm so fed up that everytime theres account period, our teacher would give us homework. A lot until I have no much time to settle every homework of it. but now I realised that my teacher actually wants me to understand more about those chapters and make revision so that I'll be easy to do account. Thank you very much, Pn Sarimah :D

The confession ; I started to realise that I'll be SPM candidate by the end of the year. And seeing to my result seriously make me heart attack because MasyaAllah it looks horrible. how would I supposedly change myself. I need to be honest that this year I am a lazy person on earth. I don't really study damn hard because of work kiosk, making assignment kiosk and blablabla. I should go to tuition actually but my mother let me do my own decision because I looked tired all the time I went home. hmm it's my own fault that I could not make my timetable for studying.. and now that was happen to me. got sucks in examination. don't really understand subjects. skipped to school just to do kiosk stuff. get scold by teacher because not entering to class often. so by now on I'll change myself to a better human. I want to get success and make my parents beyond happy with my achievement! Do pray for me in SPM 2017. Aaminn