Sunday, January 19, 2014

Introduce mah self xD

Hi friends , I would like to introduce mah self becuz of PBS -.- herher . K . mah name is Firzanah bt. Azhar . Im still 13 years old . but I dont think soo . hahah i still not matureddd :o yeah do i care? NO . ehem . oh , on 21 Mei pls give me a present xD haha JK . I like to reading a kind of novel *every night . so i can feeling2 with the story . xD huhuu . In mah future , I want to go to Paris, Instabul and .. korea ! but. first of all I want to go to Mecca . cuz the city is has a beautiful scenery ever! hm I need a peaceful place to release tension from all problem! Yeah defff . so its all . :) thankssss .

#agak nya boleh ke aku cakap bende ni kat depan kelas // cikgu xD ohoho ~

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