Saturday, February 13, 2016

Dear me in 10 years from now

I hope you will find someone who loves you no mattter what situation is. No matter how ugly side he saw on you but he still love you and accepting every single part of you. Please I don't want you to fall in love with someone who makes your heart beating so hard because of his handsome face, his sweet mouth and how he act to steal your heart. You will at least blind to see that part of him and love him so hard. It is fucking hurt. I'm afraid he makes you cry because of all the deceit he played on you. Indeed, find someone who makes you feel secure and comfortable by his side. He might not as your expectation & taste but at least he make you laugh and happy when you are sad. He will always care and appreciate you in his life. See this part, not only the good flaws on the outside that causes harm in your entry life with wrong man. I'm just hope you will be happy in life. Most important, no regret with you choice.

From your little side of me.
16 years old connecting to 25 years old in future.

If you are so stubborn to accept the reality, just read on this


  1. :( the picture..... describes me so well heheh.
    thank you dearie <3
    seriously! :) thank you :)

  2. i know how this feel,,pernah alami,,dan alhamdulillah skrg dah full recover ;)

    1. I'm facing this kind of thing rn. I'm happy for you bcs it is not easy to move on forward :) . hope I can get out from this shitty problem

  3. I know exactly how this feels. It's funny how vulnerable we can be when like that person so much. It's crazy how that one person could drive us insane and having thins longing feeling of attachment. I admit that it is not easy to move on from this but it will take time. It is a phase and the feeling will be gone once you stop contacting and seeing that person and also keep yourself busy on other things to avoid thinking about that person.


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