Friday, September 12, 2014

To do list holidays

Assalamualaikum! hello bloggers :)

To do list along holidays #ForStudentLikeMe

  • Clean up bedroom that already mess -.-
  • Study! Study! Study! *dunno be too lazy ya cuz examination is around the corner!
  • Settle reading all novel|books that I have been borrow from friends
  • Exercise . Do some activities at outside so you get freshness breath and makes you feel peaceful with nature.
  • Like usually, update blog when it times (Friday - Sunday) *Haven't you got the list don't you? So follow it huh !
  • Holidays ~ Travel with family for sure :)
  • Last but not least, dunno forget to finish your homework, okay Firzanah? haha

Okay, that's it to do list for holidays. If you follow the list, you will get the benefits along holidays. By the way, wish me luck in last year examination! Oh I can feel terrify now :o

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