Thursday, October 9, 2014

Its October Giveaway By Naomie

Assalamualaikum and hello guys.

Okay, today I wanna speaking. Even my english is broken but, who cares right? haha. Actually, I interested with Naomie blog's. Seriously, I adore her writing in english. She's great and I get jealous on you Naomie ><

Before I found her blog, I just like others, loves to blogwalking. And suddenly, I stay on her blog. Then, scroll up down her entry. Tup! Its October Giveaway. So with happy feeling, I confirmly join xD You guys know I'm crazy to join giveaway. So yes! Let begins. Before that, I want to inform you, I didn't have Instagram. So please accept this participal cause I really want to join and win your giveaway =)

Complete this slogan: 
I love October because this month I have to take the end examination and today I'm done with it. I really hoping to get flying colours in this exam so I can impress my teachers who taught me hardly and even makes my parents proud of me. Besides, my bestfriend, Mas Udaimatunnur had celebrate her birthday on 7 Oktober. That's why she loves number 7 so much. My classmates and I decide to make a surpise soon. Can't wait to surpise her , hehe ^^ 

So the Prizes for this GiveAway are:

1. 2xRM5.00 topup
2. Two novels with theautograph of the outhers
3. Three pieces Tudung BAwal Adijuma
4. Two pieces of bracelet

Due date 10 October 2014

Oh wanna join? Click HERE okay =)


  1. hi sis. Good luck. :) I was flattered that you adore my English writhing. hihi. thank you. But anyways.. thank you for joining my GA.
    keep in touch ya.. :)

  2. singgah dari segmen yang sama


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