Thursday, May 24, 2018

He's the one

When you know that he is the one, keep him.
but then, never force him to be in love with you.
You might be a good friend to him.
Yes keep that distance between both of you.
Not quite as a lover but as a real friend like bff.

You don't need to be in relationship with him in order to know him
Just simply be friend,
If he has other special girls then let him be,
remember he's not even yours.
you don't have rights to bother his life.

You're there.
you want to interfere his life,
but maybe it's just a sign of a friend,
when the time is right it'll come,
don't rush things dearself.

You're just finally hit 18 y/o,
Theres so much more to discover,
embrace your life in other things too,
let's have a bright future,
I count on you, my future life.

Both of you have same interest,
Sharing it to each other,
doesn't mean we're meant to be,
but maybe we are,
as a friend.

Distance really means nothing,
if both of you work on it,
don't be sad dearself,
you'll find new path and discover new things,
till then, have a faith ya :)

I wish myself all the best.
I wish in 5 years me will have a clear thought and pure conscience

you're not so hopeless and pathetic being yourself.
Please bare this in mind.

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